Parlay Calculator

Parlays are wagers that include multiple selections and offer you larger payouts by multiplying each bets odds. Our calculator allows you to enter up to 100 different odds and get true odds result for your payout. Our parlay calculator tool is very important for all bettors because it allows you to verify if your bookmaker is paying out your parlays correctly.

Parlays are also known as accumulators, multiples, trebles and other terms at European and Asian bookmakers.

Get the correct parlay payout in 3 easy steps below:

  • #1 Select the amount of teams / bets you will be playing in your parlay.
  • #2 Enter the odds for each selection.
  • #3 Enter the amount you want to bet in the “Bet Amount” and the payout will be calculated automatically for you below!


How many teams?
Team #1
Bet Amount

Important Information about Parlays

  • All betting sites have different rules and regulations about the parlays they offer, including the amount of teams, the maximum wagers and payouts permited. Always check with your bookmaker before placing wagers to make sure your parlay is valid!
  • Bookmakers do not always pay true odds they often add additional juice (vigorish) on parlays making your wagers payout less. Always compare the results of our calculator with your bookmaker accounts and find out which bookmaker pays out the best!
  • Parlays often have limits of the type of selections allowed to be wagered together. Example: NHL pucklines and NHL Totals can not be parlayed from within the same game.
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